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Creating the Dreamstone


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Hey BR.


I was contemplating putting this in Props and Wardrobe, but I thought it would sit better in here.


I'm currently working on a project to stage a show based on the 90's ITV series "The Dreamstone" (details:Here).


I am basicly thinking about the technicalities of staging this show, one of these would be actually creatng the Dreamstone. The plan is to actually have

two dreamstones, one which remains in its "cask" meaning lights smoke etc can be fitted to achieve the perception of power for the stone, and the other being a loose Dreamstone for carrying around.


Could I have your input as to how to create this "Dreamstone", and how to achieve the effect that is achieved on the TV series, those who have seen it will understand. If you haven't, imagine a big glowing diamond that when activated sends intense bight multicoloured light out in all directions.


The following picture is not very good at showing the "power" of the stone, but it shows the stone in its cask:







Ian Williams

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Having not seen the show I'm probably not the best person to comment but I think a couple of Martin Ministars would look quite cool positioned behind the Dreamstone projecting the moving beams of light which give the impression of the stone 'gleaming' giving out the bright light you are talking about.


...which looks a bit like this http://www.dickropa.com/images/discohire/ministar.JPG


I think from what you're saying you want to uplight from behind to give the 'gleaming' effect. Lighting from overhead would lose this quite a bit, as from what I can gather the whole point is that it is the stone that's emitting the light. Good luck!

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I lit a guy's house last year, and his better half was particularly keen on collecting/displaying Crystals.


I used LED lights (of the Luxeon flavour) to colourchange through uplighting into the crystal. It worked particularly well.


Benifits of this is DMX control of a small unit that can be hidden into set.


I have also used cut crystals on laser shows, to produce some funky beam effects.

This may also be worth considering, depending on the plot & staging.

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