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IEM systems

dan slv-tech

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hi all,


ive just got hold of the new IEM from JTS (borrowed from someone who knows someone there?).

Just wondered if anyone else has got one?

I used to use Shure pms200 and thought that was a little naff being plastic and to be honest very unreliable. (took it back 3 times before I got a refund)


couple of things I noticed with the JTS unit:


1) came with set of ear plugs with different moulds which was swanky and in a plastic case


2) Metal case for RX and TX very well built and I dropped the RX oopps! not a mark


3) manual doesnt actually state distance achievable but I was getting 40+ metres with no drop out and that was in a theatre, where I normally have grief with radio mics! and through walls.


4) it didnt have an external PSU which I thought was cool as I cant stand external wall warts, always lose, break or get taken, with this at least there the lead from the kettle! :(


5) On the RX you can pan between L + R ear via a pot which was handy as I used L side for band and R side for Cues! very useful!!


overall pretty impressed dont know what the retail price is but im thinking bout buying a couple, just wondered if anyone had used them and what theyre thoughts were, and reliabilty issues on them before I splash my cash




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Interested to know peoples views aswell.


I've been using their wireless HH mics and like them very much. Not over priced, good features, good sound, great alrounder really.


If the IEM's are as good as the mics and the price is right I'd be interested in getting some although I'd like to try before I buy.



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