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Logic 7 problems


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Hello all,


This really isnt a live sound problem but if u can help it would be cool!


Ive been having a bit of trouble with a weird kind of recording delay (on playback) on Logic pro 7.1.


This problem has only occured recently.

E.G. Basically whenever I lay a track down over a drum track - then play it back, the track is out of time with the original drum track very slightly. (by aprox 1ms).

This happens even when I play perfectly intime with the backing track.

Its like ive changed a setting that delays the track when its recorded, but ive looked at the setting and they seem fine. It seems to me like more of a bug than anything. Can anyone help me??


I'm using:

Mac G5 duel 1.8Ghz - 1.5Gb RAM - Tiger 10.4.7

Logic 7.1 (obversely)

Presonus Firepod and a small mackie mixer for recording

Dynaudio BM6A's and Spirit Absolute 2's for monitors


I am not having a problem with latency, as I use direct monitoring.

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