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I have 2 cloths both approx 40' x 20' which have been painted several times and are now thick with paint! I want to try to clean some of the paint off the cloths, if I can.

The theatre doesn't have a fly tower so the cloths are all wiped in/out on tab tracks - but due to the amount of paint on them they are now looking well below their best :unsure: - very creased and heavy.


So I was wondering if anyone knew of an easy way of stripping the paint off and being able to start again, so to speak, with the cloths. They have only been painted with emulsion paint. I think what I need is something like a big dipping tank, a bit like stripping doors .... drop the cloth in and it comes out all clean and shiny!!

As it's panto season could someone please find a fairy to wave a magic wand and just make it happen .... :D


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Get new cloths and have you considered painting with water based paints -


after a few coats you take them outside and spray the paint off


Uggh - maybe not such good idea


(Our studios use water based paint for the studio floors and when they build up there is one of those ride on floor washers they use in comercial buildings that drives over and leaves the floor lovley and bare underneath)

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