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Matrix UKP2100 Problems!


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My Matrix UKP2100 has decided to stop working!

One channel still works. Looked inside lastnight and there's only one fuse, which obviously hasn't gone.

Any ideas? I know it's a longshot!

Anyone fancy repairing it? I'm in Blackpool, Lancs.

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Hi Mark.


First things first, lets have a bit more info.


How long have you had the amp and did you have it from new, they did make a few slight alterations to the amp.


Is it channel A or B that has failed.


One side works, the other doesn't. ok, is the faulty side in protect mode? Is there no output at all, as if nothing is connected. Do the channel meter lights come on?


Some things to try....


Switch to mono mode (not bridged) does the problem remain?

plug in a 4 core speakon with all 4 cores connected to some driver (capable of handling the program material you use and within the limits of the amplifier)


see if either set works.


Things to try with the lid off. you've obviously disconnected it from the mains by this point.


Check the speakon connector mounted to the pcb on the faulty channel. these are prone to breaking legs on the older ones whilst the newer ones (or if they have been modified) have a bit more stability.

My first ever ukp2100 came from the factory with pins 1+ and 2+ broken on channel B of the amp, quality control at its best. a bit of soldering here and a degree in taking things apart got that sorted.


if this is intact (give them a push with a screwdriver as they can look good but are not) then check the input connector also, I've not known these to go but its something to check as an easy option.


If all this is intact then unfortunatly you are probably looking at something a bit more complicated.


Look for obvious burnt out components etc.


Failing that I can get you the number of the ex head engineer from matrix who should be able to give you some more pointers over the phone, or if you fancy a trip to solihul he should be able to repair it for a fee.




great amp, ok I've had issues with them, now you've got a problem with one, but Crown amps fail aswell.


and if someone can find me some lightweight amps around 4k I can sell simon my ukp2100's. I've gone back to using mine on moniors after a spell with EP2500's and a spell with plx series. they're a better workhorse by far but they are pretty heavy. (21kg).


Let me know how you get on.

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Hiya Rob.

Thankyou for the reply.

It's channel b that's failed. The led's still light though?

I'll check the speakon connections on the rear. I couldn't see anything burnt out etc.

What's protect mode?

Failing that, I'll get it in somewhere.



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protect mode does what it says on the tin.


it protects a channel by disconnecting the input and output protecting the amp from overload, short circuit, heat etc etc.


Most modern amps have this feature, some are per channel some just cut the lot out.



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If a channel is in protect mode the protect LED on the protected side will light. you may here an audible click from the amp itself as the amp goes in and out of protect mode, this is a relay. you'll notice that when you first turn the amp on it is in this mode so as not to cause any signal to the speakers. there are 2 lights (2nd set along one per channel) that light then go off after a couple of seconds, If the amp is staying in protect mode on one side then you have a more serious fault.



Depending on whether the levele meter is driven from the input or output stage will depend on whether it will still register even in protect mode.



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