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M7CL Networking


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I was wondering if anyone had tried to connect 2 computers via a hub to the M7CL. I have been talking to collegues about this but until we get back on the desk we cannot experiement.


The idea is to have 1 laptop on stage for monitors and stage manager control and 1 roaming laptop for updating channel lists and setting delays around venue/grounds.


In theory I can't see a problem with a hub as the M7 is a gateway.


As I sais if anyone has tried this or has any thoughts I would be eager to hear, especially if anyone has tried a wireless connection also. I will post my results when we get back on the desk.

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No I dont think that will work. The PC is synced with the console when it connects. I think this will be a one-to-one relationship. Two PC's to one M7 is going to cause sync errors I think.


The wireless bit is easy. My prefered way is to hardwire my production PC (running smaart + Protools + d&b RopeC etc) to the M7 and then use a basic lappy on a wireless link to remote console to the production PC. This way all your software resourses are in a fixed place at your FOH position and the mobile lappy can be as basic as you like.... it just nees windows and a wireless lan.


You can put the M7 directly on the wireless. Remember that the M7 only supports class C networking.





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HI, I have recently done similar with an o1v96. We had the desk situated at the rear of the stage as a system controller but used a wireless network and a VNC to link to front of house. Although you need two computers to do this it does give easy access at stage and front of house. Obviously your desk will be at front of house. I am not sure if you can have more than two computers working in a VNC. I cant see how that would work but maybe its worth a try??? Please post your results I am interested to see them! Cheers.
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As Mark Says, you can only link on PC to a digital desk at any one time and get a remote sync. Most desks have the ability to see all the computers in the network and allow you to switch between remote PC's but this can get very confusing and lead to errors.


Depending on the show requirements, I use one of the following options (with Digico consoles). Either,


Console connected to a wireless router and then use a remote laptop running the Offline Software.




Console and FOH Computer connected to wireless router (although more often than not we'll use a hard wired connection for the FOH computer). All control software is run on the FOH computer and its accessed using a laptop running a remote desktop control.

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I am not sure if you can have more than two computers working in a VNC.
Without straying too far off topic, you can have multiple computers connected to one VNC server if this is what you mean, where the computers then either share or override each other. I'm fairly certain they will then "fight" with each other if you try to use multiple mice at once, but hopefully people will be disciplined enough not for this to be an issue.





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