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G300 Error codes

Neil Frazer

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Does anyone have a list of the LeMaitre G300 error codes?


More specifically does anyone know what the F-HI Error is?

I think it has something to do with the thermocouple but is intermittent so I can't trace it at the moment.


Any info would be appreciated.



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I recently had trouble with a G300 (not that particular error code, though) and Steve Lloyd at LeMaitre was a big help - knew pretty much straight off what the problem was, and explained how to deal with it. What a nice man! :angry:
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Three and a half year old thread alert! :)


Did anyone ever find out what the error code "F-HI" signifies on a G300? Had this occur during my show tonight - that code on the display, and a cold heater block when I went down to look at the machine. Baffled :huh:. Will give LeMaitre a call tomorrow, I think.

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