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pulsar dimmers


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hey everybody,


if this is me being ignorant then ignore me


my mate recently managed to lose my dimmers (yes lose). because of this I've had to borrow some. I'm running a sirius 24 and the dimmers are pulsar ones. the control in on the dimmers is 8 pin din. I've been told that I have to convert which pin is which somewhere between desk and dimmer.


is this because zero 88 are annoying with there wiring or is it because pulsar are annoying with theres



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Pulsar wire their 8 pin DIN plugs differently to the rest of the world (Zero 88, Strand, Green Ginger, to name a few).


The reasons for this are historic: once upon a time Pulsar used 5 pin DIN plugs for three channels of control - I have seen 18 way pulsar desks with six of these sockets on them. When they switched to 8 pin/6 channels they extended the wiring scheme used on the 5 pin plugs to make it backwards compatible.


Here's the details:


Zero 88 etc convention: pins 1 to 6 are channels 1 to 6, pin 7 is desk supply, pin 8 is ground.


Pulsar convention: pin 1 is desk supply, pin 2 is ground, pins 3 to 8 are channels 1 to 6.


Have fun!



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agreed, they really are quite annoying, we have nboth the 5 pin type packs and 8 pin type packs at our place,


you do not know how annoying they are when anyone we hire the hall out to, re-patches the plugs from packs to desk, without converter, and then complains that it dont work.

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