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Koss Dyna*Mite Bookshelf

Simon MFR

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Ive had a pair of these little units for some time now and I'm still blown away by their power....I bought them in a junk shop a few years back and have never managed to find out anything about them....I even emailed Koss this week and got a response back saying "we couldnt find any technical spec about them as the M80's were discontinued over fifteen years ago and we now only manafacture earphones (stereo phones) however if you would like firther informaton on..... " (at which point I deleted the message!)


I would really like to find a frequency response, handling power, anything really. A google & yahoo search comes up with virtually nowt...


I will stick a picture up when I find the camera, but they are around 14" high, *seem* to be made of teak and have two 4" drivers top and bottom and a 2" (?) tweeter right in the middle. Heavy little buggers....the part number is 12530.


:blink: thankyou fellow weblings......for now though, an entertaining picture I promised to a mutual friend......



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