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technics part can anyone help


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I have had a problem with a technics 1200 mk2

there is only sound coming out of the right channel.

Iv taken apart the tonearm and broke the little multicoloured wires insideand the thread on the mounting nut for the cartridge does not let the cartridge be screwed on all the way.

I cannot afford to buy the whole new tonarm kit, but I was wondering if they did just do the mounting cartridge screw with the cables connected?

Where can I purchase these from?


Its the part on the end of the tonearm in this picture

also can these come with the red, blue, white and green wires allready wired up?



any help would be much appriciated



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Although we do have a small number of dj oriented members, we're a backstage technical forum, so I wouldn't expect much in the way of help - sorry. Turntables don't feature in the forum, as a search will soon show. However, the popularity of the 1200 (it has been around since the early 1980's) makes servicing pretty easy. Technics, part of panasonic, have a comprehensive dealer network with real old fashioned service departments. So best advice is to first try local small hi-fi outlets who have their own service departments. Then I'd go a bit further afield, to the large dealers with an internet presence. If all else fails, then ask panasonic here to find a local dealer with a service dept.
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I wouldn't expect much in the way of help - sorry.


:angry: Pessimist!!!


Oh...youre right!


I had a problem with a record deck several years ago (I tried to replace a stylus with an incompatible model) and it taught me lots about micro-soldering (by hand) and understanding signal flow etc....dont buy a new one, too easy. Fix it! Buy a soldering iron and start a revolution in your neighbourhood.


Failing that, buy a new one! :o

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