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Crown 5000VZ problem


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Hi Everyone,


I have a Crown 5000VZ that has a channel not working on it. It started emitting a bang through the PA. After the bang the CH1 signal light goes out and then slowly gets brighter until it bangs again.


Any ideas?





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Without having the amp on a test bench, this is guesswork.


My guess, fwiw, is that a PSU smoothing capacitor feeding that channel has failed. Instead of charging up and staying charged to give a nice current reserve for your bass beats, it partly charges, then has an insulation breakdown and discharges, giving your 'bang'. You also need to check out any associated resistors feeding power to those capacitors. Sometimes, if the amp has had a hard life with minimal maintenance, it might just need cleaning around the capacitors, which could be shorting out through any 'crap' (technical term) that has accumulated around them.


That's where I'd start looking.


NB - be very sure to earth the capacitors before attempting to work on them or you could (no kidding!) damage yourself, possibly fatally. If you don't know what you're doing, get an expert to look.


Good luck, and let us know how you get on!

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I agree with green alien although very hard to give diagnostic without the unit being in front of me, the problem does point to a pwr supply issue & the bang is almost certainly a capacitor discharging.


Good luck and let us know what the out come is

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