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Air Cone

Ben Lawrance

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Hi All,


I have been offered some "Air Cones" but I'm not really sure what they are.


After a quick google, I found a link to a Showtec product.


It has a base with a fan, and loads of LED's in it, and you attach a cone type peice of material to it. The fan blows it up, and the LED's light it. It is DMX controllable, so you can change the colours/intensities.


Anyone used them / seen them.



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I remember having some big one's of these on an incoming tour, "Fluke" IIRC, back in 95/96 ish. These were an ~8 foot high cone of white material that was attached to a fan base that made it stand up, there was then a parcan or colourchanger inside to change the cone's colour. A great effect, something a bit different to the norm.
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I have seen them at a few arty / corporate type events, placed strategically around the room.


I thought they looked great. I also figured they could not be that hard to make, a LED Par56, a fan and a some rip stop nylon type material should do the trick I guess.


EDIT: Fixed a typo



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