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Training Day for Sound Engineers

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Hi there


In in association with Allen and Heath, d&b audiotechnik and Shure UK, Sound Foundation have announced a training day for sound engineers and sound technicians on Saturday Feb 21st at The Globe Conference Centre, Reading, Berkshire.


It is only £20 with top presenters from the world of noyz


For more information check out Sound Foundation's website Sound Foundation for more info on training day and click on the training day link




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Looks dead interesting, especially for beginners and the less experienced of us (our ethos at my school where I did sound for about 4-5yrs was to just do what worked and sounded ok to more than one pair of ears, including the directors). When my finances are in a better state (i.e. nearer christmas) am definitely gonna pre-book, althought I think I'll have to take the fri AND sat off work (I work in a nightclub) and sort out a hotel or b&b room nearby.



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