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HELP! I Need a Band

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Hi All,


In a few weeks time (August 12th to be precise), "Gig In The Garden" returns to the sleepy little village of Liphook, Hampshire (GU30 7AD) for an outdoor concert in the garden of the main village pub.


I have organised 6 local(ish) bands to play, but one of the bands have let me down. Therefore, I need another.


As time is getting on, I thought I would save some time by asking people if they would like to play, rather than going to find them.


I am looking for a band that plays either covers or their own music but, music that appeals to a wide age range (no heavy metal, sorry)


For a look at what we did last year, log on to our website at www.gitg.org, and look at the photo's and videos. This year will have a bigger stage.


If anyone is in a band, and fancys doing a 40 minute set in aid of raising money for Macmillan Cancer Care, let me know. It will be a great night, and we are expecting around 500 people to attend.



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I've only just heard about this thread from Mark...I live in Hampshire, and so do my band. We are called "Lady Garden" and play covers from Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd, Joni Mitchell right up to Paul Wellar, Scissor Sisters and Kylie.


The question is, can we do it....we gather for two jam sessions every week, (Wednesday & Friday) so I will hve a natter with them tomorow night and see....no reason why not though....


(Our rider will be interesting!!!)


PM me with a contact number......

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As a regular at the 'Joiners' in Southampton, I get the opportunity to hear lots of 'up and coming' local bands.


Here's a few I'd heartily recommend - you'd have to ask them if they are available! - at least Myspace gives you a chance to hear them before you book them!!


HIJERA's myspace page


Six Nation State's Myspace page


Mach Schau's Myspace page


8-fold's Myspace page


Disclaimer - I have no connection with the above acts except that I have, at some time, done the lighting for their act!


Hope this is of some use and that your gig is a success.

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