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Any ideas on how I can clean a Cyc.....

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I am looking for inspiration, I have a cyc that is in good condition - 2 years old, but has a number of dirt marks, footprints etc on it, I am looking for a way of trying to clean it and give it a few more years before we have to replace it


I have flamebar so can reflameproof when it is cleaned but looking for inspiration.


Any cleaning products I have tried seem to make it worse - or smeary


I did consider painting with size.....


Any one got any brilliant ideas or tricks of the trade....


David :angry:

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What's type of fabric is it?

If it needs a total clean, it may be worth your while sending it off to be professionally dry cleaned (and if it isn't an IFR fabric, immersion flame proofed)...your local supplier can either provide it or put you in touch with a company who can (sorry, I'm not that familiar with UK based drapery companies...)

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The Courthouse, Erfstadt Court, Denmark St, Wokingham, Berkshire RG40 2YF

Tel: 0118 989 0027


They'll come and have a look at it and tell you if they can clean in situ.



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