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New Bass Bins.any Good your opinion please


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No point anyone giving an opinion. The best time to ask is before you buy rather than after. That way you won't feel that either someone is:


a. Being a smartass (like this post I guess)

b. Criticising your choice (possible because we all have different standards)

c. Endorsing your choice (fine)

d. Telling you they are ok but you should have bought something else


Haven't used those boxes, but if you were happy with them when you listened to them before you bought them then you made the right choice.





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chris thats a valid point but I have noticed that a lot of people on this forum are more thearte and stage orientated than disco etc. ive heard these cabs before in an install (but 32 ofthem in total all over the place in a club I worked at. I know the sound out of them is good but obviosly I am only using 2 and entertaining 300-500 people with them and wondered if anyone had had experiences with a couple of them,no offence but maybe im asking in the wrong place.


thanks all

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I use the much teenier SR4 subs (2x10 I think) in 300 seat venues for theatre and can quite happily rattle the fire exit doors... I too am a fan of Celestion. One pair each SR3+SR4 will get mid 90s onthe dB meter using CD playback in this size venue.
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