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coloram 2 colour scroller issues


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Hey guys,


My new watery venue uses Coloram2 scollers, they’ve been in use for a while and some of them (9 to be precise) have developed this fault:


When replacing the gel string and powering them up, the rip the gelstring off the tensioning column, some of them wait a few seconds then do the same, I’ve not had a chance to try using a different tape to attach them but AFAIK all the other scrollers have been set up in the same way with no problems,


Also are there any common reasons for these scrollers to blow fuses other than a faulty cable?


Thanks muchly!

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Hmm, Wybrons. Not had a huge amount of experience with them, but there are a couple of things that I can mention which might help.


Firstly, they are not very fault-tolerant - if one scoller in a loop goes down, it has a tendency to take all its friends down with it. I had a faulty cable with a batch of Wybron scrollers on a job a few years back, and just that one cable managed to completely fritz half a dozen units.


Secondly, your problem with the gel string tearing itself off the spindle ... IIRC, the Colorams calibrate themselves with a small piece of aluminium tape on the bottom edge of each end of the scroll, which passes through a small sensor. If that sensor is dirty or non-operational, or if the scroll has somehow jumped out of its path (it's only small, so that's not impossible), the scroller won't know when it's got to the end of the string and will happily just keep on scrolling until it rips the string clean off the spindle (and then it just sits there whizzing the detached scroll around until you switch it off!). Check that the tabs are still in place on your scroll, check that the sensors are clean and working, and check that the two are interfacing correctly with each other.


Hope that helps - I know it's not much, but it's all I can offer!

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thanks Gareth, I'll have a look at the sensors today, don't have any spares which is irritating! do have about 100 stepper motors though?!


I'l second Gareth's comments, although I use ColourRams a lot and find them probably the best scroller out there and very reliable.


That said you must use the correct cabling and make sure its in good nick, shorting the PSU out or even in some cases losing a screen on a cable can have catastrophic results on your scrollers and PSU.


As with all scrollers good quality scrolls are essential, but the problem you describe looks very much like the scroller isn't seing its marker, you should check to see if its present (or the scroll is in upside down!) and obviously check the sensors if it is, they easily build up grime and need to be cleaned occasionally. You also sometimes find that if the scroller is powered up with the scroll past the end marker (this is usually quite hard to do but does happen) the scroller will never find its stop and just grind the motor, it usually doesn't have enough speed up by then to shred the scroll though.


Hope some of this helps



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