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Antari HZ-400


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Do any of you knowledgeable people out there know where I am able to hire a Antari HZ-400 haze machine from?


Or does anyone know of any similar haze machines, that can be hired (I don't think the budget would quite stretch to buying one :P )


The haze machine needs to be DMX controllable, (I'm too lazy to have to go pressing buttons on a remote :stagecrew: )


I'll be looking for a two week hire, starting on the second week of October.


Any help graeatly appreciated. :D




A child of 5 could understand this.....Some fetch a child of 5

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When I typed 'HZ 400 hire' into google, found this.


Also, I can think of many places in the UK that could hire you a DMX hazer, but no point listing those that I've used here, but just give your local rental house a ring and see if they have any.

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Sorry if I seemed a bit short with you in my previous post, but have spent the day arguing with sixth form bands about guitar amps. :stagecrew:


Sorry again, also will agree that wen I first searched it bought up hundreds of US companies, but only managed one UK company.

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SLX will hire out pretty much anything - they are big enough to subhire in anything they don't have from a little guy.


Whether or not it's cost-effective for you to do so is anybody's guess.

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