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In common with several other forums, the Blue Room has recently come under attack by hackers, who are attempting to use forum software of practically all descriptions to download malware onto members' computers.


The attack attempts to exploit a security weakness in Windows IE, which was fixed by Microsoft earlier this year. If you regularly or automatically update Windows, the attempt should not be an issue. Similarly, regularly updated anti-virus software, especially Norton will almost certainly prevent infection.


If you notice any unusual activity on your PC the suggested fix is to download the latest version of Internet Explorer. For further information please see this Microsoft tech notice. NOTE that if this link appears to point to anywhere other than Microsoft.com please disregard the link.


We believe that we have now resolved the problem and so have turned the board back on. If anyone notices any unusual activity then we would appreciate you either posting it in issues or emailing us at admin@blue-room.org.uk


We would advise all members using windows to ensure that they have installed all available updates, and to keep your anti-virus software up to date. Alternatively upgrade to a Mac!

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