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Benjamin Zephaniah tech rider?


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Hello, having been asked to do lights and sound for a performance by Benjamin Zephaniah today, for monday morning, and without being given any tech rider, I was wondering if anyone had worked with him, and knows what he needs.


As far as hiring kit goes, its a bit too late, but can hopefully make do with what I have available (8 250 movers, 16 Par 56s and 12 par 64s, plus a mix of fresnels and profiles for light. And 1.5 kW sound system for sound. In terms of sound power, I think it should be fine as I know the hall, but don't know what he needs in terms of mics).


I have tried contacting his agent, but can't get through to her.


Any help would be gratefully appreciated, and don't you all love schools with members of staff that haven't got a clue :)

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This was many years ago, but when I saw him perform it was all very straightforward...


Working on a small scale, he just needed a couple of lighting states, cold and warm wash, and something lighting audience, so that he could make eye contact with people. There was a basic black box, with a stool.


The sound requirements was a basic PA, with one microphone and some sort of playback (CD/Minidisc).


His poetry is really good, very urban style - hope you enjoy working with him.

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I did a thing involving him a couple of years back and his needs were pretty simple. As I recall, he was quite willing to wear an RF headset mic. He had an electric guitar and small amp that I miked plus a sampler which he controlled with a stomp box and CD playback (which I controlled to a cue list).


Light wise it was basically a spot for a single perfomer plus some colour washes just to dress the stage. He wanted audience lights up for eye contact.


He was a nice guy and not over fussy...his main concern was keeping his vocals above the music and easy to hear.


As I say this was a couple of years ago...and not a school show, rather the opening of an arts centre, so none of the above may apply. Good luck Monday.




Edited to correct a couple of typos

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Thanks for your help,


Went OK in the end, the only problem being that the teacher who "had it all under control" managed to foget to tell the caretakers we needed a stage in the hall until 9 o clock, for a 10.30 performance. Thank you again for your help, was useful to have an idea of what was needed before he turned up.

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