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Strand Galaxy Instruction Manual


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Hi Guys


After searching the Internet without much success I have turned to the Blue room to try and find a copy of the manual for the galaxy.


Soon to be going into a venue that has one and wanted to get my head round programming prior to arriving on site.


Is there much difference in protocol from the modern strand desks? if so what?



Thanks in advance




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You'll not find one on the internet!


I've got one that you can photocopy, if you like (you'll need a lot of paper!), but not one that I can let you have permanently. If you're anywhere near Mold in North Wales and want to pick it up, let me know.

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Any manual pre-computers is unlikely to exist as a pdf unless somebody spent hours scanning it in - much easier since the manufacturers started doing it - but a Galaxy never had an electronic version, so a photocopy is the best likely result.
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Hello Tony.


I'm not aware of there being or ever having been a galaxy ops manual in electronic format apart from what Strand must have used in pre MS office, word perfect, wordstar days.


However, programming memories on the Galaxy is similar to the basics on a 500 when in single digit mode but with the "added bonus" of having separate panels for channel control, memory, playback, subs and effects without having to plough through sub menues using the same keypad.


On channel control, set levels as in 500 (single digit). ie 1 thru 6 + 9 @ 5.5 puts selected channels to 55%

Dial up a memory number on the memory panel and press record. Default fade times are 10 seconds on theatre systems and 3 seconds on Studio/TV systems. Depending on the vintage of the Galaxy, set the fade time on the playback wheels or faders and press record time or enter digitally via memory panel (similar to 500 style). Nova allowed you to set your own preferred default fade times as per 500.


Do you know if it is a Galaxy 1, 2, 3 or Nova? Theatre or Studio? If not, then please advise the venue. If you're familiar with Gemini the Galaxy won't be a problem.


When do you need the book by?

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Try Philip Edwards, of Philip Edwards Lighting, he uses a Galaxy 2 at the Royal Northern College of Musuic in Manchester. Not to far from Manchester.




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