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Strand 200 Series


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Yes indeed, I bought a 200 12/24 not long after they came out - primarily to use as an external masters desk for my Hog, but also as a handy little desk for small jobs.


The long and short of it is ... I like the 200. A lot. For the price, you get an amazing amount of 'bang for your buck'. The software re-write which happened this summer ironed out most of the niggles and added a couple of minor but useful new features. I haven't played with the optional video card yet, but it looks to be a very useful addition to the desk. I'll probably get around to buying one before too long ...


The only thing the 200 won't do is a 'proper' X-playback style of operation - but you can do timed sequential crossfades along your two pages of submasters (which gives you up to 96 cues on the larger 24/48) so for very basic theatre-style operation you can get by perfectly well.


In short, I'd recommend it to anybody.

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If you or your customer wants to borrow one to try it out, then let me know where abouts in the country you are and we will try and get one to you. Gareth is very complimentary and indeed you do get "a lot of desk for your pound notes". The additional video card is realitively inexpensive and makes the desk even more versatile.


Pat 7for3



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Thanks Gareth & Pat743 or the info and comments.


Today I threw caution to the wind and (after ducking to avoid it hitting me in the face) bought a 24/48 - for myself.


Stuff the customer - He eventually changed his mind and now wants to pay more money for less desk.


Still, he is the customer and therefore is right.


It should be with me by the end of next week and will immediately be pressed into use at a local school Panto, followed by a HUGE (For me) outdoor show on hogmany.


I'll post a field report after that.

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