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Public Liability Insurance

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Hey guys,


This is important for people who basically want to LD, or work.

I recently was turned down in being a LD for JEFF WAYNE'S - WAR OF THE WORLDS, because I didnt have any pli. I spoke to someone, and they didnt have it either, but apparantly you do if you want to work.


I have heard of BECTU and am thinking of joining them, but any advice would be grand towards this topic or of any PLI companies.


Many Thanks



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Guest lightnix

Moderation: Sorry Alex, but this is a very FAQ and a number of topics already exist on this subject, so we're closing this one - sorry. Try running a title search for "liability" - that should bring up most (if not all) of the main threads on the subject. Have a read through those and if you have any remaining questions, feel free to add it to the most appropriate thread :(


In a nutshell:

Consider BECTU by all means, but especially check out the exclusions on their PLI policy, apparently they are a bit heavier than policies obtained through one of the brokers mentioned in the threads in the search above.

From a broker, expect to pay around £350-400 a year for PL only.

Add Employers and Travel to that and expect closer to £800.





Thread Closed.


(...and flaky link replaced with advice)

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