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Fluorescent Gels

Ben P

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Dear All,


Has anyone had any experience of using the lee 241-243 range of florry gels? I am lighting a room in a show that needs to be lit with only the tubes on show but obviously need to cheat in other stuff, but want to keep it in the same colour temp range?


Would perhaps go down the 200-202 route, but cant as that's used for another bit later.


Thoughts anyone?!



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Yeah, I've used 241 & 243 before to create an 'office lighting' effect. It does create the right sort of colour feel, but doesn't do a lot for skin tones, it has to be said.... :P



well, neither does fluroescent lighting, so I guess it's realsitic :)

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The Lee 241-243 are for converting tungsten source to emulate fluorescent. You need the Lee minus green (which is pale pink) 247-249 for converting fluorescent to daylight, or Lee plus 244 - 246 & 278 - 279 for converting daylight to fluorescent; which ever is your preference.

I would go for the very palest available, the heavy corrections are usually unnecessary.




Edit>>> And then of course you may need to correct the daylight to tungston depending which colour temp you want to work in.

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