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Martin Roboscan Music Function


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Hi everyone,


Time for my first post!

I have a client wanting to rent 4 Roboscan Pro 218 MKIIs off me for a last minute disco. These are the closest thing I have to disco lights but I have never used them on sound to light mode before as I normally use them for bands etc. on my pearl.

I can get them to work individually on sound to light by putting down dip switches 1,2 and 10 as it says in the mannual but I'd like them all to DMX together and do the same thing, ie. one as a master and then three slaves. Does anyone know if this is possible or am I going to have to pre-programme some chases on a little controller and send him that as well?


Any help would be much appreciated!




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Just try it, it should work, you can get them all doing the same thing, the 812 tip isn't documented in any manuals, I just happened to come accross it .

Its gotta be worth a try with your fixtures surely ??

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