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SF-MH250M12 aka. Big Dipper 250


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Hi, doing a show starting Wednesday at a venue that has 6 moving heads, wouldn't mind using them on the avo pearl im using, seeing as their there. Problem is like with all these Chinese made bits of kit, there hardly any info on the net pertaining to them.. So thought I'd come ask around on here.


Ive goggled both names/model numbers that these movers go by with no luck. I did eventually find the manufactures website: http://www.sunflying-lighting.com/. But their service page is down :lock: I emailed the company a few days ago but still haven't received a response. Ive posted a profile request on the Avo site, but I don't think they'll be able to track down any more info than I have.


Basically what im asking for is either a DMX channel layout for the things, so I can make a profile myself. Or a pre-made profile (looking at all you frog users here, who ive seen before to have profiles for odd/obscure fixtures..)


Thanks for any help.



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