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Keyboard Stands


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Being a keyboard player in my spare time when I'm not at FOH I've just

bought a new set of stands.


K&M series with 2 18990 stands, 2 18941 stackers and 1 18946 boom arm.


the stackers fit to the stands by way of geared clamps with wing nut type

effects to tighten them. this allows the stand to stay in one piece for

transporting it.

The boom attachment does the same thing.

However, with having the stackers on I have nowhere to fasten the boom part.

It has the same type of geared clamp, but I need one with a smaller



I've contacted K&M but not had a response.


anyone run into this sort of thing before?


the reason I'd prefer this boom attachment is with having a fair bit of gear

up there already (added to this is a rack stand with a triton rack and other

gubbins in it) its sometimes a squeeze on small stages., and the different

playing positions means the mic has to be placed quite accurately so I can

access it from all areas. I've often got some backline RIGHT infront of the

keyboards so the tripod style legs of a normal stand wont fit.




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