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talking to x-connect


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has anybody had a go at using using voice recognition with x-connect?


I'm looking at it for 2 uses.


with a headset radio Mic as a hands free safe riggers remote




to allow control of a strand 300 from datatons watchout by playing recorded wav's eg "C 23 G"


your comments please

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Is this on a PC or a Mac?


On the Mac, you can use AppleScript to drive xConnect, albeit quite slowly. If nothing else I'd have thought you could use OS X's built in speech recognition tools to run AppleScripts that then drove xConnect to give you the functionality you want.


It's one of the things I've been looking at adding to my Virtual Keyboard utility and to FocusTrack so that you can say 'next light' or 'next focus' or whatever to step through focuses without having to take your hands away from the console to do so. Sadly it's still on the to-do list at the moment.....



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