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Edirol V-4 Hire in Midlands


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Hi all,


We are looking to hire an Edirol V-4 (or similar) for a day next Thursday. We're at Warwick University, and the one we'd normally use is unavailable. I found lots of placed listed but no sensible list of locations, and a lot don't seem to hire stuff.


Anyway it needs to be able to chroma/luma key to put titles over an existing mixed feed. It also needs frame synchronisers onboard, as the sources won't be genlocked. I believe the Panasonic MX20/50/70 would also be suitable (if someone could confirm that would be great) and if so if they are available locally too that would be suitable.





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We have an Edirol V4 for hire, and we're around 1 mile away from the university (where I studied and used to work) as the crow flies - give us a bell tell em Sean sent ya :blink:

P.S. what department do you work for?

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