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Fat Frog Palettes


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Right I am programming pallets for a show tomorrow. The palettes are for 4 Mac 250 Entours in enhanced 16 bit mode.


I have programmed all the colours and static gobo palettes fine. However I am trying to make a beam shape palette which has the prism rotating a certain rate with no gobo. I then want to be able to hit this palette (to make the prism go) then hit one of my static gobo palettes and for the gobo to come in but keep the prism going.


However when I do this it just goes to the static gobo pallet without any prism on most of the static gobos. It only works how I want it to work on three of them so I know it is possible. I just can’t figure out how I did it.


Basically I am asking how do you program a beam shape palette which can be layered over the top of anther beam shape pallet without affecting it the first one selected?


Operation like: 1 I select static gobo then I select the prism palette and it adds the prism in and keeps the previous palette’s gobo.


My plan is also to have a stop prism palettes.


This is to be used a programming pallets for a cued show I am not planning to busk.

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