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GS3 Fault


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I have a GS3 that is giving me major headache. The unit fires up perfectly but after about 2 hours the electronics die, the mirror flops and fixture stops responding. The lamp circuit continues to operate. All the fans are working fine, have changed the 0 - 20 vac transformer. Still no joy. Anyone got any ideas?? I am guessing it is a fault on the board???




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the lamp circuit and fans are run off mains, and wouldn't be affected by this issue...


It sounds very much like a dry joint on the board rather than a component fault - probably in the regulation / smoothing department if all the electronics die... at a guess, if you leave it off for say half an hour it'll fire up, but then for only 10 minutes or so...


Check for 'chip creep' - socketed IC's sometimes creep out of the sockets over the hears - make sure they are all firmly seated...


Look for the rectification circuit - probably a close group of 4 diodes near where the 20vAC from the transformer plugs onto the board (near sockets G and H for the Gobo motors) and examine the circuit board soldering and the tracks for hairline cracks...


Any solder joints that are like little bubbles sitting on the component pin rather than on the board or where there seems to be less solder than the surrounding joints is suspect.

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