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Smoke door


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I am involved in a stars in your eyes type production early next year, I am currently planning the staging setup. Im currently working on how to implement the "smoke door" effect. I am not very experienced at things like this and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.


many thanks

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Well on the show, from all I can see, they just have some normal sliding doors (manually operated) with a couple of smoke machines being waved about just before they open to fill out the area, and when it opens the person walks out of the smoke.


I expect it will be trial and error with how much smoke depending on the doorway you are using.


You will need quite a high power machine I would have thought, so that there is a lot of smoke about.


Oh and side lighting I should think.


These are only suggestions, as I have certainly not done this before!




P.S. Perhaps someone works at Granada here??

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It's not as hard as it looks really!!


Firstly, bare in mind SIYE dosn't go out live. The way they have always done it is using 2 stage hands with mini mists to flood the door way.


As for the sliding door, this is usually done manually to.


TV's not that clever really.

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minimists are as mentioned above, perfect for this effect, as when they are heated up, you can unplug them from the power for a short time, and squirt them around the talent behind the doors without tangling them up in the mainslead. They are pretty powerful as well with a new can - we (unintentionally) created a Merlin Theatre Frome Stage-sized brick of smoke behind the tabs with a hand-held minimist which slowly crept up the auditorium into the open window of the control box like a stephen king novel brought to life. This was a supposedly 10sec burst - I think the crew member counted very slowly.....
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I've had to do a stars in there eyes type thing before when I worked for a company recently.

Basically we had curtains pinned up quite high so that you could pull them apart for people to walk through this was done by two stage crew.

Then we had 2 smoke machines either side and directly behind were they walked out 4floods. We just filled the area up with smoke then pulled the curtains apart and they walked out with the floods on you could just see the light produced not the lantern looked rather good and like stars in there eyes.

Hope that all makes sense



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