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Sennheiser Radio Mics


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We have some evolution 100 handheld radio mics, and one of them is a bit broken!


When we put a battery in it, the LED for power switches on, but the actual mic itself appears dead, the LCD won't come on, and therefore we can't tune it!


We also have seen some error numbers, by they disappeared! They were Err EE and Err 77.


Any help would be ace!



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If it is still in warranty then just send it back to Sennheiser and they should repair it for free,

If it isn't under warranty send it to them anyway and they will repair it for you for a small fee.

(but don't quote me on the 'small' fee)

HT , Peter



Sennheiser UK Limited

3 Century Point

Halifax Road

High Wycombe

Bucks HP12 3SL

Tel: 01494 551 551

Fax: 01494 551 550


Service Dept e-mail


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Try giving Sennheiser a ring or email them to find out about the error messages - Peter put their details on his post.

Warranty - you need to find out who bought them and when... usually they have a 12 month warranty, but again, Sennheiser themselves will help you out.

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