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tascam 801


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does anyone know if there is a good online supplier for Tascam minidisc recorders?

or do you have any recomendations for other manufacturers?


if you want to link me to previous threads then please feel free, I wont be insulted



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For Tascam MD recorders I have used Digital Village, Turnkey and HHB All have been fine.


They are also available from Canford, and Studiospares off the top of my head. Personaly Ib would ask if you need the extra features that the 801 gives - Unless you need the remote functions Could the MD301 / MD350 range work better? (there shoulld be lots on those in the archives...



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You could give Studiocare in Liverpool a try. I have been using them for years and find they prices are good and service is very good. They have stock of the Tascam MD350 on the shelf at the moment and a punting them out for around £250.00 each. They can get most audio brands at competitive prices.




ps there phone number is 0151 236 7800 ( and I'm not on commision..** laughs out loud **)

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