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Changes to the Terms and Conditions


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Changes to the Terms and Conditions


As part of our continued commitment to improving the quality of information available on the Blue Room, we have made some minor changes to the terms and conditions. In summary, we are now requesting a full name and date of birth to be provided for each new account.


We feel these changes will lead to an increase in the quality of the content on the Blue Room which will benefit all members. We would ask that all members revisit the Edit Profile Information section of the My Controls area in order to ensure their profile is as complete and up to date as possible. The new requirements for new account creations will apply with immediate effect. In due course, we will be rolling out a process of applying these rules retrospectively to existing accounts - an announcement will be made in this forum when this comes into effect.







The following changes have been made to the T&Cs:



Please ensure all the information contained within your Blue Room profile is correct and up to date. Specifically, your full name, geographical location and date of birth are mandatory in order to verify your identity, however these details will not be visible to members or guests without your permission. Failure to provide the mandatory profile information, or misrepresentation via misleading information on your profile, may lead to suspension or removal of your account.



Impersonation of a Blue Room member, moderator, or staff member is prohibited. Falsely representing yourself as a Blue Room moderator, or staff member may result in immediate termination of your Blue Room membership. You may not use your Blue Room Account to falsely represent your identity, skills or experience. Knowingly using your account in this way is likely to result in your account being terminated. If a member of the Blue Room staff believes that your account has been used to misrepresent your identity in any way, e.g. via false / misleading profile information or post content, they may suspend the account without warning, until the issue has been resolved. If the issue cannot be solved to the satisfaction of the Blue Room Admin & Moderation team, then the account will be terminated.

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