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Operating Manual for ADB S20 Desk


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Hi all,


I am n00bie in this forum. I am starting a small business in relation to theater lighting and sound. I have already collected some old and cheap equipment like the ADB S20 Control desk. So If anyone have an operating or users manual for this, I would be very grateful to have a copy of that.


In addition I do have an service manual for S20 and of course I could give copy of that for anyone who might think it useful.





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My god, an ADB S20!!!!!!!!!!!!


That brings back a few hazy memories from my school days! One of those Hazy memories, was that the only manual we had at the time was in french! But it was a long long time ago, so perhaps they got around to writing an English version.


I seem to remember pressing the "SOS" button also revealed pages of Francais. I'll have a dig around for you and see if I can find a manual, but I don't hold up much hope. It might be worth a mail to ADB. You can find their website here:-




F - Wyg

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