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martin error codes


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Hello all


does any one know of an online list of the all the martin error messages and what they mean


I am currently on tour with a few of them and they all keep playing up and showing error messsages I have never seen before - but then the next day they all work and are fine ??


Mark W-E

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thanks great stuff dowloaded for future use as im sure I will need it ......... having a £$%er of a tour four days in and today the first day I have managed to have the whole rig and desk do the whole show


day one - desk went nuts in programing then dies


day two - new desk shipped over night - all lights but no strobes GRR support bands crew trash a data line loading out


day three - strobes but the movers bring up random errors .......do the show with just the generics and strobes


day four ---yay whole rig works--tour bus dies out side gig in pittsburgh(sp) so cold so very cold


ho hum


so lets see where we go from here

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