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best and worst crew


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hiya guys, me again, after the popular question about getin access, what does everyone think about local crew, where do people think is the best and worst crew and technical staff ? also any major problems with them? my fav crews are at the tameside hippodrome in ashton under lyme especially shaurn the chief lx and also the guys down in torquay princess theatre. made to feel very welcome in both venues and also always get a cup of tea when you first go in
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OK, this stops right here. There's no way we can possibly allow this topic to run - it's far too much of a legal minefield.


It's OK asking about which venues are good and bad, but a pile of bricks and mortar can't sue you and us for libel when someone writes a post saying it's terrible. A person (or persons) can. And we're not going to give them the chance.


Andrew, please try to display a little common sense before posting questions in future.



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