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At the moment Iím in my second year of Sixth Form College studying computing, electronics and physics at A2. Iím also doing part time LX work in a couple of theatres.

The problem is I am totally bored with college as I donít find what Iím doing to be at all challenging and would much rather be in the theatre. Due to this I cant bring myself to apply to university. Instead I would prefer to spend a year doing casual work, however I was just wondering if there were any part-time LX courses, preferably ones I can do from Manchester, anyone found useful (please no PAT courses ;) ).




EDIT: spelling :blink:

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Uni is a great experience (so I've heard)


I didn't go so can't comment much, but I was in your position, and felt that I made the wrong decision. I took a "year out" with no real intention of applying anyway, and, I've missed out on what I really could have been good at because I didn't work hard enough on my exams.


Now that I'm out working, I can't bring myself to do Maths A level instead of AS to get onto an engineering course, and then go and do the degree, so just keeping on working.


There are some great courses out there, even if you just continue at college part time and do you city and guilds electrical parts 1 and 2.


Just my little sob story



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Only in my second week at uni so only the first full week of lectures, but having a great time. I'm not doing a LX course as I felt this narrowed my job prospects down too much, but an electronic engineenring course to leave more doors open. I would deffinately say that it is worth going to university or to do some full time further education.
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