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Sanyo PLC-XF10B Projector Cleaning


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Hi all.

Got a Sanyo PLC-XF10B, that has been used in a club for 2 years, light output is very poor, due to smoke, I have had the top cover off it, and was wondering if it took out LCDs to clean them, whether they would drop back into alignment or whether I would have to re-align via engineers menu, or something. I would send it back to a service centre to be done but no budget left until September :angry: (Due to stolen Kit).

The other Problem is it was hit with a ladder and now has a green row of pixels down the middle, is it possible to get a replacement green LCD? Not so worried about this at the moment.

Please let me know what you think.




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Realignment of the LCD's is done manually- i.e. with a suitable poking tool and lots of cursing as it's moved 0.01mm too far. Acording to a good friend of mine who works for Sound Foundation and has done the Christie training, it's a several hour job to realign them. As for spare LCD's it might be possible.


In terms of spec, it's only a 3K machine. to replace with a Christie LX34 with 3500 Lumens would cost about £3400 before VAT (and That's the list price). It might be that combined with a repair, new LCD panel and new lamp (to lift the brightness as the lamps loose 50% output at about half the rated hours) your not too far off the cost of a new machine. And then you have the new warranty. There are obviously other machines available. Plus do a 3500 Lumen DLP projector that retails at about £1500 before VAT.


As you said though your budget limited, so the quickest way to boost brightness might be with a new lamp- what hours has the current unit done? The new units would cost about £352 inc VAT.

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