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Vari*Lite Visionary...


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Hello there everybody,

I'm currently new to this forum and have a really stupid question as my first one here:


I remember Vari*Lite shipped a Software called Visionary with their Virtuoso consoles and that it was free for download on their website? Well, I can't find any references on their website now (only some Google Results pointing to non-existant pages)...


Does anyone here within this Board have experience with the Visionary (there was a 2D and the 3D-software available?)...

or knows a download source for it?


I hope some of you could help me and I apologize for my dull question :)



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Hi Thomas, I've got copies of Visionary v 5.1 and 4.3.2 (possibly also 4.4) - there's not much diffence between 5.1 & 4.4 except that 5.1 only runs on OS X and 4.4 runs on OS9 (or under Classic in OSX). I'll sort you out an FTP download source and PM you with details - or I can send you a CD with it on.


If you get any questions about Virtuoso / Visionary then feel free to ask me as I should be able to help. :)




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