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Sfx Needed A.s.a.p


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Can anyone help me?


I need a european town clock quarter to the hour chimes for an upcoming show?


I need it a.s.a.p.


Please e-mail mpevans@btopenworld.com or post a reply


I have searched the net and all of the sound effects Cds I can lay my hands on.


Someone please help!!!

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If you don't mind cheating - try some of the other Cambridge / Oxford chimes (anythign other than Great St Mary's - which Westminster copied) and that should be suitable -


BBC Cound effcts records EC36 , EC212, EC105 could be a place to start for these, I >think< they have been transfered to CD - but don't know if they are available to the general public yet?


Good Luck - but give a random oxbridge colege a try.



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