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Development Of Skills!!

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This came up in a conversation with a fellow Production Manager and wondered if any of you knew of anything.....

Is there anywhere that does short courses in prop making, scenic design, set building etc...just something that could keep us all up to date with any new materials that are out there and to further ideas on how to achieve artistically for the theatre in different areas......yep most of the time I can get by in an area that is not my specialist area....I.e set building - but I would love a course that could further my knowledge and could make me a bit more of a 'professional'......I know ABTT do courses in wood turning , but thats not going to help when I need to build a flat!! Also things like sewing paper onto chicken wire prior to paper mache-ing which can really help on other areas....there must be others crying out to learn tips from others....is this making any sense?? ;) ......I feel I'm rambling!!!! :D

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