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1day-5day Lighting Courses?

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I'm technician for Music Tech and Performing Arts at Stafford College, and I've recently been given the opportunity to go on a short course in theatical lighting as part of our staff development scheme.


Unfortunately I've been really struggling to find anywhere that does a 1 day to 5 day residential course in theatrical lighting.


Can anyone shed somne light on where I should be looking?


I can usually find pretty much anything on the internet, but I have to say that this one's got me tearing my hair out.


Thanks for your time,



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I have been on the Loughborough College Btec courses for General Theatre Technician, and Stage Lighting, Rigging and Operation. Worthwhile courses, however, they are like a motorbike CBT, they ensure you have the necessary basic skills that are required to do your job.


Short courses look good on a CV, are good when combined with a course syllabus to prove competence but will not teach you how to do the job. So don't expect too much from broad short term courses and you'll enjoy them the best.



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I went on the BTEC General Theatre Technician course run through NODA last summer. They're running it again at Loughborough this year. details should be on www.noda.org.uk. or contact Loughborough College, as I think the course (and possibly a lighting one) is being run in other places as well.


I'd recommend it, I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

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Loughborough College have recently held their three day "General" course with us at Derby Assembly Rooms - a couple of our technicians got to attend as part of a reciprocal deal and thought it was actually very good. "Formalising their knowledge" as I think it was put at the time!


I've just pasted the next but from our website (mods: hope thats not classed as an advert - I've no financial interest... I'll even make anyone who turns up a mug of coffee!)


March 1st to 3rd - BTEC Intermediate Award - Stage Lighting, Rigging and Operation.

This course cover the areas of:

Basic Electrical Theory

Lighting for Performance

Luminaires and Control System

Places are strictly limited and cost £350 per course. For more details or to book a course please contact Chris Garner at Loughborough College on 01509 215831 or email theatre@loucoll.ac.uk


Hope that helps someone


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