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Hey all


I posted a topic on here a few months ago about possible work experience, and have got in touch with some local lighting companies, but I was just wondering if there was anyone based in the Woking/Guildford area that would be prepared to offer me any kind of work experience either in lighting or sound. I have had experience in both areas, ranging from rigging lights in churches and village hallls, and rigging PA and lighting for local gigs and the like. I currently work for an amateur Drama group based in Brookwood, Surrey, and have recently completed a lighting and PA rig for a pantomime they put on. However, my theory is not up to scratch, and I would like to improve my knowledge in both areas, and get as much on-the-job experience as I can.

Thanks in advance, please drop me a message if you can offer me anything.




Matt Wisdom

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Try Storm Lighting in Woking. www.stormlighting.co.uk


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Hi Matt


It sounds like you're in the same position I was in 14 years ago (how time flies!).


As 'who you know' is just as important as 'what you know', especially in this industry, I decided to do work experience with a big West London lighting firm who seemed to have all the interesting productions. It paid off, with a summer job and then a fixed position. After a few years I went freelance. I was commuting about 4 1/2 hours a day (from Surrey too), but the contacts I made back then are still paying my bills today, so it was worth the effort.


Let us know how you get on, and good luck!



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I did work experiance for my local rep theatre last year. they then offered me a job as a caual crew member. I am now ASM on full equity contract whilst still at college. its definatly worth doing as the people u meet will teach you what you need and provide brilliant contacts.

best of luck


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