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Firewire Soundcards


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Hi All


Im still searching for the best way to record live performace into digital. I've been looking at the motu range, but what I would like to do is to use my outboard rack (compressor / eq etc) in conjunction with a firewire interface. Which interfaces would let me do this? I can see that some of the motu's let you do this on channels one and two, but ideally id like to be able to use my outboard rack on all the channels - ie with a sends / returns.



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OK short rant..........


Q: What is the minimum spec?


A: Just check MOTU's website, as you use the blueroom I am going to assume you can use the internet therefore WWW.MOTU.COM


It really isn't rocket science!!


More qualified than any of us to tell you!


Rant Over



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MOTU search function gave This

Which can be summarised as


a quality PC is recommended. A fast processor, lots of RAM, a fast hard drive, etc are all necessary components of a good DAW. Consult the manufacturer of your software (Cakewalk, Cubase, Cool Edit, etc) to determine what kind of PC they recommend for best results with their software, and also feel free to call MOTU for more guidance.
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what is the computer spec needed to run the motu 828mk2? will it work with my laptop - 2ghz celeron with 512mb ram and a pcmcia firewire card??


To attampt to give a proper answer:


As long as you're not running any realtime FX, which you shouldn't be anyway, CPU or RAM won't matter much. What will matter is disk bandwidth, and laptops aren't great at this, so if you're recording more than 3 or 4 tracks you'll probably need to pick up a fast Firewire drive as well.

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