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Forums like this are quite rightly often used to gripe about companies and products, but on this occasion I thought it might be nice to heap some well deserved praise on a company.


I'm the resident stage manager at a specialist arts college and have been involved in buying over 25 pieces of metro deck -you can imagine the numbers involved - which is to be raised just short of 2m.


I've spent the last 2 weeks talking to maltbury staging: www.maltbury.co.uk and they have been fantastic.


In particular I've been talking to their MD; Philip and he's offered loads of help and advice, especially recommending how we can save money on the legs.


Their flexibility and the service they offered is really going to help us stage "Titanic - the musical"


I promise you I'm not on a retainer, just thought that sometimes companies deserve a pat on the back.

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I would also add my tuppence on this and agree that maltbury do offer a good service. Philip and the other (heid bummers name I forget) gave us a great sales pitch when I was resident, we ended up buying gear of them - a good price etc.

My only gripe and this is more about product than service quality, is that the bolts on the leg holes of steeldeck are dipped with the rest of the unit and so paint gets into the thread making them very tight first few times and on occasion snapping the head off on the first go. Annoying.

I still prefer ye olde size of 8x4 as opposed to the 1mx2m that the metrodeck comes in tho each to their own and all that.

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