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Dear all,


I'm putting together some plans for a hypothetical tour of a new piece of drama. The brief is for a tour that will run for six weeks visiting small scale venues around the South East. The show is a new piece of drama about a train crash, and will be performed in a traverse format. The target audience is 16 upwards.


We've had to come up with the concept, and fill out all the arts council paperwork to apply for funding before presenting our plans. I'm trying to do some research on venues at the moment. Do any of you work in community centres / small venues that would do that sort of thing which I could add to my fictitious schedule?


We're working on the basis that the venue would take all ticket revenue and pay us a performance fee which we can work into our overall budget. Does anyone have any opinions on what a reasonable fee might be? We're budgeting around a creative / technical team of four people and a cast of about four.


Any views or thoughts would be much appreciated!





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