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8 Way IEC Switcher Units.


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I thought this would have come up before but there was nothing in the search.


Has anyone used one of these?



I am considering buying a few to run some PAR cans etc off. Are they any good? I can run 5 300w PAR's off of one unit at a time. Does anyone know ifthese units have a 'clicking' sound when you press the buttons as that could proove annoying to any audience members sitting nearby.

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The unit you are looking at is normally used for switching UV lights, mirror ball motors and small moonflower style effects. This unit will switch Par Cans On/Off but with the effect of a household light switch (no smooth dimming involved)

If you are after a simple chase effect I would suggest something like the NJD Euro 4E


or if you are after simple dimmed control why not look into a cheap DMX Desk and Dimmer


OR a third option ... Prolight DC-4PB


hope this helps





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