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I'm currently using a Christie LX100 or a sanyo XF45 the other side of the pond..

My problem is I have to fill a screen of 40ft x 28ft, at the moment I'm using a 0.8.1 fixed lens with a throw distance of 32.9ft which is all well and good in arena's, but when it comes to theatres it can be a problem to get that distance in old houses.


I have the budget for another projector. So I was just wondering is there any software that can split the image and feed each projector half of the image and have some kind of aligment program.

Any thoughts



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In this topic there is quite a bit about software called watchout, have a look through the previous topics and see, the software is made by dataton, who are us based, but be aware that a starting package including custom building computers to drive the system is about £10k,


Hope that helps,



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